Young's Sand & Gravel

~Washed Sand & Gravel~
~Limestone~ Landscaping Stone~
~Topsoil~ Fill Dirt~
~Mason Sand~

                      Gravel Size Descriptions


  #9 Gravel                     rice size

 #8 Gravel                     pea size

 #67 Gravel                   pea size and nickle,quarter size mix

 #57 Gravel                   nickle,quarter size

 #4 Gravel                    golf ball,egg size

 #2 Gravel                    lemon size

 #1 Gravel                    baseball size

 #00 Gravel                   softball to cantaloupe size

 Big Rock                     football to basketball size

 Boulders                    2 ft. and bigger



           Phone: 419-994-3040           Fax: 419-994-3065




  • "I had them deliver gravel 27 miles and it was cheaper than I could get it from just a couple miles down the road.Very happy with the price and the jod they did putting it on my ..."
    Mike W
    Satisfied Customer
  • "We had gravel delivered by Young's and we were very pleased with the spread job and the price.Proffesional and polite.Thank you Young's "
    Sharon M
    Good People,Good Prices

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